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Learning beyond borders! Sea doesn't consist a limit for us... Ship crews can invest on their lifelong learning while captains can "gavern" not only the ship but also the way their crew learn!

Learn2Ship is the mean to achieve Maritime eLearning!


Learn2Ship is a maritime e-learning platform which enhances learning and training allowing access to digital educational content on ships and harbors during global voyages. Educational content is appropriate to use under difficult conditions, such as low network performance, low download/upload speed and old hardware.

Moreover, Learn2Learn offers consulting and counseling services to maritime companies concerning their human resources management, focusing on the success of their skills and knowledge development. Most of our partners are able to quickly go live with Learn2Ship while others require a longer engagement in order to fit the system comfortably into their procedures. Whatever your requirements are, Learn2Learn is committed to work through the details with you and ensure that your eLearning solution is of the highest quality possible.


How does it work ?


Learn2Learn is a pioneer on maritime elearning systems. The challenge we are facing is achieving the best results under difficult situations so that the learning process is enhanced in any maritime company contributing to:

  • investment on Human Resources (HR)
  • supporting lifelong learning and skills improvement
  • remote monitoring
  • aggregative report system
  • efficient management of the educational process

How do we achieve this?  There is an on-board solution (with or without an internet connection even with limited connectivity) and an off-board web based e-learning system specifically designed for the marine industry. Learn2Ship can be used from any modern PC allowing access to training resources and assessments.

You can ask for custom e-learning courses based on your needs or use our library of e-learning courses based on the International Maritime Organization (IMO) topics.

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information at info @ learn2learn.gr