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Imagine Messi and other great athletes sharing their secrets on how to triple as professionals, Casillas giving advice on how to save your team from a penalty and Mourinho revealing winning strategies!

Sports is one of the greatest industries in the world while people spend much time in the internet. Is there a clever way to combine these two irrelative facts? Actually there is!

Chasing a ball is not enough to become an expert! Try Learn2Sport and follow your dream!

Imagine Messi describing you how to triple! Our mission is to offer an educational web platform where users will be able to learn techniques of any sport they like, how to apply them and which is the best way to become experts at their favorite sports. Famous athletes can share their techniques' secrets, coaches can offer their strategies, doctors can inform about health issues, nutritionists can advise on how to keep fit. All these through an educational web platform which can be used either by individuals or by Sports Clubs.

WHY Learn2Sport ?

sports - Geographic Restrictions: users who do not have direct access to famous Sports Clubs can have online access, gaining experience, knowledge and communication capabilities, through the online platform.
- Lack of expertise: Users can broaden their knowledge and skills on issues related to their favourite sport, exploiting the potential of educational platform, engaging in digital activities, playing modern games and interacting with innovative applications (web and mobile). Ī¤alent is not enough to become a successful athlete, but needs regular combination, good mental and physical condition, situations assessment and options etc.
- Lack of opportunities: Many talented athletes are lost over the time, because they were not given the right opportunities, they never met the key people to help them and they lacked knowledge and experience to manage their talent and love for the sport. Through the online platform ALL can have the opportunity, being active members of the Olympic community, talking to experts and consultants who can guide them to the path of success.
- Lack of a common Community Channel: Yet, the only place where fans-athletes can meet is the court / field e.tc. depending on the kind of the sport. The lack of a common "meeting place" where everyone could chat about their team, express their opinion, make contact with their favourite athletes e.tc. This meeting place is our educational web platform! Through this platform, each user is able to congratulate a player on an excellent goal while asking for advice on how he was trained, the tactics followed to reach the goal, e.tc. Professional athletes can act as models of young athletes, providing knowledge and experience, giving advice and supporting the new generation of the professional team.
- Psychological Support: Through the web interface, everyone regardless of age, can become member of a large group, facing his / her personal fears associated with the feeling of teamwork, personal uncertainties e.tc. and dealing with global phenomena such as sports bullying. So without hesitation, a father can bring his young son in the online football stadium, even in a virtual derby, without being afraid for their safety!
- Need for Professional Guidance: Health and nutrition issues are key factors for the development of a young athlete. The same goes for the guidance of young athletes from professional consultants and specialists who were athletes in the past. Wouldn't it be useful for a young player to communicate with a player of the team of youths (U-20) and learn how they reached this point?