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About us


Our Philosophy . . .

"Learn to Learn (L2L)" is the basic foundation on which our company focuses, as we believe that only if we design the learning conditions we can control the success of learning circumstances. . . The secret of success in learning doesn't lie within WHAT we learn, as most people think, but within the STYLE we learn. That is why we (as a company) and our associates perceive learners not as students to be educated and learn certain things but as "researchers" who are invited to gather data from multiple sources, export the appropriate information for them and draw cocnlusions.

Our Products and Services . . .

Drawing on the skills of the 21st century and realising the benefits arising from the use of Information Technologies in Education (ICT), Le@rn2Learn provides expert knowledge and experience in the field of Technology-Enhanced learning/ training and Knowledge Management with innovative proposals concerning digital education, training and counseling. The products and services of Le@rn2Learn aim at all those involved in the educational process (educational organizations / agencies, teachers, tutors, trainers, parents, learners, trainees, students, researchers, etc.), companies who wish to educate their executives and general those interested in Lifelong Learning and Training while simultaneously seeking to conquer the continuing challenges of the modern digital era.

YOU should want to learn and WE will show you how to achieve this!

Our People . . .

Defined by our creative ambition and professionalism, with a deep enthusiasm for what we do we are the best choice for your learning & training solution! Our dynamic group of professionals, specialized in the fields of modern education (Technology Enhanced Learning, Distance Learning, e-Learning, e-Training, Knowledge & Competence Management, Lifelong Learning and Adults Education) combine theoretical background with extensive experience and on-going research. Our H.R. are all PhD or MSc holders cooperating to design, implement and evaluate customized, creative and innovative solutions dedicated to the individual needs of each showcase.

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